Terms of use for Armenia.La Chat 


Our company provides the Services subject to the following conditions:


1.Location Service and Push Notification 

You must to be agree to enable location service to be able use Armenia.la products and service. We used location to be able send push notification based on location by Enabling Location on you agree to time to time recived Push Notification .We promise to keep your location Private .



2.No one under 17 is allowed to download or use Armenia.la Chat or Chat app. It has 17+ age rating for most Western countries, for some countries it's 18+. For more details look at the age restrictions shown in the market you downloaded the app.

No one is allowed to act as a user under 17 for any reason including pranks, experiments and jokes. No one is allowed to share any explicit content representing underaged children


3. Our website can be used in any country in the World provided if you are able to connect.


4.We reserve the right to use your IP address when working with law enforcement agencies. This includes crimes such as exploiting, hacking, grooming minors, and spamming.


5. No Porn This app is anonymous and strangers chat with strangers. We are not that messenger you got used to. It is not allowed to send any pornographic content here to anyone, ever. Photos of genital organs, sexual acts with any items or animals are also considered as pornographic and are strictly forbidden in Armenia.la Chat.


6.No spam

t is not allowed to advertise any apps, events, or any affiliate programms. Links, brandnames, pictures containing apps or websites might be considered as spam. No offers of any services, photos or videos for money are allowed. Use other apps for these purposes.


7. No Flood

If you cannot express your feelings in normal adequate sentences and often send short messages without a reason, you will be banned permanently

8.Social Responsibility

You notify Armenia.La about each violation you spot. To report a violation you should click the Flag icon and Report to us .If the Team of Moderators finds that you did not report a violation on purpose, you will be considered as accomplice in a violation and may be banned from the network.


9.Please report any violations of our Terms of Use contact to us [email protected]