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March 23, 2021  

UK landmarks lit up to remember COVID dead

Landmarks across the United Kingdom were illuminated in yellow on Tuesday (March 23) evening as a be ...View More

Demi Lovato urges people to ‘live your truth’ with new documentary

Demi Lovato encourages people to live authentically in her new documentary ‘Dancing with the Devil.’ ...View More

100 million relief checks distributed by Wednesday, President Biden says

The Biden administration will have distributed 100 million relief checks by Wednesday as part of a $ ...View More

No clear winner in Israeli election, but Netanyahu could have edge: TV exit polls

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to secure a solid parliamentary majority in Israel’s electi ...View More

Hear ex-Trump lawyer's stunning defense

  CNN     March 23, 2021

Right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell is claiming in a new court filing that reasonable people wouldn't ha ...View More

World’s largest canvas painting sells for $62 million

‘The Journey of Humanity’ by British artist Sacha Jafri has sold for $62 million in Dubai, making it ...View More

‘Women’s lives still considered less important’: British lawmaker fighting for reform

  CNN     March 23, 2021

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour talks with Jess Phillips, a British lawmaker focusing on domestic violence ...View More

Streaming helps 2020 record sales hit high note

Music lovers turned to streaming music during the lockdown in many countries, which helped push tota ...View More

Colorado mass-shooting suspect identified but few answers

Police on Tuesday identified the 21-year-old suspect accused of killing 10 people - including a poli ...View More

May see 'return to full employment' next year, Janet Yellen says

At a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen repeated an  ...View More

Migrant families face mixed U.S. policies at border

U.S. officials are trying to drive home an increasingly emphatic message to the growing number of mo ...View More

Niger mourns victims after deadliest attack in recent memory

Flags flew at half-staff and Koranic verses played on state media on Tuesday as Niger began observin ...View More

Շնորհակալ լինե՞մ, որ բյուջեն չեք յուրացրել․ գործուղումների գումարն եք վերադարձրել. Իվետա Տոնոյան

Շնորհակալ լինե՞մ, որ բյուջեն չեք յուրացրել․ գործուղումների գումարն եք վերադարձրել. Իվետա Տոնոյանն՝ Ի ...View More

What we know about Boulder shooting suspect

  CNN     March 23, 2021

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was identified by authorities Tuesday as the gunman who opened fire at a King  ...View More

We have to act on gun control, says Biden after Colorado shooting

President Joe Biden in a speech on Tuesday called for a ban on assault weapons and tighter gun contr ...View More

'Carbon border tax' is gaining ground. What is it?

The idea of a carbon border tax is gaining ground in the United States and the European Union. The i ...View More

Emu plucked to safety from Australian floodwaters

A pet emu was rescued in Sydney's north west on Tuesday after rising floodwater spooked the bird int ...View More

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