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March 05, 2021  

White House says hackers exploiting Microsoft flaw an active threat

White House says hackers exploiting Microsoft flaw are an active threat, adding that the vulnerabili ...View More

Vaccine cakes served up in Prague café

The Black Madonna café in Prague’s historic center is now offering vaccine-shaped cakes #News #Re ...View More

Trump State Department official charged for attacking police in Capitol riot

  CNN     March 05, 2021

A State Dept. aide who worked on Trump's 2016 campaign is arrested, as the QAnon Shaman pleads his c ...View More

Tech leads market rebound; hiring surges

Wall Street ended sharply higher after a volatile session, with the Nasdaq rebounding at the end of  ...View More

Abbey Road Studios tackles sexism with mini festival

The famed Abbey Road Studios launched an online festival called ‘Equalise’ to inspire future generat ...View More

Compromises being made to pass $1.9 trillion COVID bill

Liberal and moderate Democrats reached a deal that would scale back federal unemployment benefits in ...View More

Slideshow: Germany's empty museums

Berlin's museum directors look forward to reopening after iconic artworks have been hidden from view ...View More

Rights groups urge companies to fight Georgia voting curbs

Civil rights groups including Black Voters Matter are urging companies to join the fight against Geo ...View More

AstraZeneca effective against Brazil variant

Preliminary data from a study conducted at the University of Oxford indicates that the COVID-19 vacc ...View More

Garbage collector uses TikTok to keep Paris clean

Ludovic Franceschet has become an unlikely youth culture hit in France with time-lapse videos of him ...View More

Congressman sues Trump over deadly Capitol siege

Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell has sued Donald Trump, his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other allie ...View More

A look at Versace's digital fashion show

Italian fashion house Versace splashed graphic prints all over its designs for its fall line, unveil ...View More

Ukrainian female referee recalls journey to the top

Kateryna Monzul was the first female referee in Ukraine to officiate a soccer match in the men's top ...View More

Meet Lebanon's artisan oud maker

Nazih Ghadban is one of the few remaining makers of the oud instrument. He's handcrafted them at his ...View More

Four Hong Kong activists released on bail

Four Hong Kong democracy activists were released from custody after prosecutors withdrew an appeal a ...View More

Տեղի ունեցավ «Ժողովրդավարական համախմբում» կուսակցության հիմնադիր համագումարը

Տեղի ունեցավ «Ժողովրդավարական համախմբում» կուսակցության հիմնադիր համագումարը. ...View More

Rare Bernini drawing to go up for auction

A rare drawing by baroque Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini is going on sale on March 20 at an auc ...View More

Hnaravor Che / Kisabac Lusamutner 05.03.2021

ՀՆԱՐԱՎՈՐ ՉԷ - 2020 թվականի հոկտեմբերին Արցախի Հանրապետությունից Ալբերտը 11 հոգանոց ընտանիքի հետ վերա ...View More

Paterazme Haghtats Sere anons / Kisabac Lusamutner 08.03.2021

Ամբողջական թողարկումը դիտեք միայն կայքում: Full episode is here! WWW.KISABACLUSAMUTNER.COM ՊԱՏԵՐԱԶՄԸ ...View More

Twitter explores 'undo send' feature

Twitter is testing an 'undo send' function that would give paying users a short time to withdraw a t ...View More

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